Discover Brazil holidays this December 2013

Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country, occupying nearly half of South America. As such, the country does not fall short of superb holiday attractions. The main natural attractions in the country include the majestic Iguzao Falls, which are renowned as one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls on the planet and the iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain on a peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The must see attraction in Brazil, however, is arguably the imposing 98 feet high Christ the Redeemer monument, an iconic statue of Jesus Christ with arms stretched out towards the city of Rio De Janeiro as if blessing the land. If you are looking to enjoy the ultimate holiday escape this Christmas, start planning your Brazil holidays December 2013 early because there is plenty to explore and enjoy in this colourful nation.

Party holidays

Few places in the world can rival the party atmosphere you find in Brazil. The partying in Brazil is quite unlike anything you will find anywhere. There is an undeniable, unquestionable and infectious charm among the locals that affects even the most adamant visitors. The inimitable rhythm of the music, perhaps, best epitomizes this charm and passion with glorious sounds of the samba, the choro, the bossa nova, the blues and jazz evident in every town and city.

Brazil holidays this December 2013 will introduce you to the love of football as the country prepares to host the FIFA 2014 World Cup and exotic dancing. The pulsating nightlife in the country is a big part of Brazil holidays and echos the vibrant spirit of Brazilian carnival. You will be left especially enthralled with the sights and sounds of December's Salvador, a carnival in Brazil's former capital, Salvador, that the Guinness Book of World Records considers the biggest street party in the world.

Romantic getaways

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in Brazil, there is certainly plenty of options to consider. Rio de Janeiro, for example, nestled between a magnificent bay with spectacular beaches on one side and mountainous tropical forests on the other, is an ideal location for couples.

The majestic Amazon rainforest also presents a truly phenomenal eco-system to enjoy, hosting some of the world's richest and most beautiful natural habitats.

Luxury hotels and resorts with fine cuisine in the northeast like Costa do Sauipe are also pleasurable holiday geraways for couples, not to mention the gorgeous game parks in the region.

Beach escapes

Brazil beach holidays give you plenty of sunshine, watersports and a host of other exciting beachside fun. Copacabana Beach, situated just off the foot of Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf Mountain) is the largest beach in Rio de Janeiro and represents one of the best locations to unwind in style. Other sun-kissed beaches like Costa do Sauipe and Praia do Forte also promise an excellent holiday.

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