Brace Yourself for a Belfast Break

Whether you’re looking forward to some serious shopping, or you plan to party the nights away in the hottest clubs, or you simply want to take in the awesome sights, the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland has something to make your stay memorable. Flanked by hills and dotted with Victorian buildings, the city radiates a tranquil charm that offsets its urban character.

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Put on your walking shoes and bring out your credit cards! It’s time to explore Belfast’s shopping district for some great finds. CastleCourt on Royal Avenue, the largest shopping centre in Northern Ireland, is the ultimate shoppers’ paradise with its extensive collection of products -- clothing, gadgets, jewellery, and fashion accessories. Gratify yourself with the top designer brands at CastleCourt’s major shops. You’ll find Debenhams, Gap, Laura Ashley and more. If you’d rather spend on local Irish crafts, head to The Wicker Man on High Street, home to the handiwork of over 150 Irish craftsmen. Buy some keepsakes to give away when you get back from your Belfast holiday. Choose from pottery, books, perfumes, and more.

Chill out after your shopping spree and visit Belfast’s tourist attractions. See the one-of-a-kind Exploris Aquarium in Portaferry, and come face to face with the rich Irish marine life through pool demonstrations. Witness how sick seals are nursed back to health in the seal sanctuary.

If you’re in the mood for some high adventure, get on the Belfast Wheel. Belfast’s own version of the London Eye has become a famous landmark. Hulking right next to the City Hall in Belfast’s city centre, this oversized Ferris wheel allows amazing views across Belfast and Belfast Lough for the small price of 6 Pounds. For just a wee bit more you can stay in the VIP box and even enjoy a glass of champagne.

Of course, a holiday in Ireland’s never complete without a sampling of its vibrant nightlife. Visit La Lea along Franklin Street for a dose of disco, house, and dance music. Or dance and drink the night away at the Bambu Beach Club in Odyssey Pavilion, where you’ll gyrate to a music mix of disco, R&B, hip hop, and Indie rock & roll.

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