Boutique Malta, for the discerning partygoer

......But like all students worthy of a scruffy haircut and bedhead at noon, they’re not going for academic reasons – there’s a Monster Party happening in Malta.

Right, so Malta is still suffering somewhat from its 80’s image as a package hols destination. There’s still whiffs of it about the island – but the more discerning partier – i.e. someone over 30 – is discovering that you can party and live well at the same time in Malta. Just like us. We're well over the grunging-it in hostels with a load of smelly, messy gits-on-tour. Which is how we discovered the Maltese Capital of Valetta, a sweet, chic café, bar and club scene with some of the best Boutique apartments ever (and there are some great ones out there.)

The Valletta, can be booked through Holiday Lettings, , and one satisfied couple said: 'An open-plan living room has all the high ceilings, exposed beams and cool artworks (Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe prints) that a modern couple could need, plus a hi-tech sound system, Moroccan bathroom and bedroom with a sunken bath at the foot of the bed. There's also a sofa bed so the apartment can sleep up to four. but with that layout we weren’t inviting anyone back for late night chats….'

There’s also a group running Swimming Holidays on offer, but you'll want to opt instead for the lazy, beach stroll and paddle affair to save energy for the evening’s nightspots won't you? (But on the offchance you are up for what looks like 'a good adventure holiday check out SwimTrek '(020-8696 6220 ).

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