Boutique Hotels in Brussels

The capital of Belgium and the headquarters of the European Union, Brussels is a mix of mediaeval architecture and cosmopolitan flair. On your next trip, stay in a hotel that’s as remarkable as the sights you’ll see.

Brussels Welcome Hotel will send you to the far ends of the earth – from Bali to Zanzibar – through its country-themed rooms. Come home to the tropics in the Bali bedroom, as parasols, Wayang puppets, and statues of gods evoke the Indonesian island. Rainbow-coloured glass windows, mosaic lamps, and orange beddings recreate the cheerful Silk Road bedroom, while the wild outdoors is brought inside the Safari Kenya bedroom, with tribal masks, animal heads, and wooden furniture. Cuba, Egypt, and Saigon are among its other themes.

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The Manos Premier provides the comfort of a private home and the luxury of a five-star hotel. Decorated with Louis XV and Louis XVI period furniture, its rooms are opulent in warm tones and whites. Stay awhile in the sauna, or get a good sweat going in the fitness room. Take a stroll around the garden, a favourite perch for birds and ducks, or enjoy the fountains on one of the terraces.

What used to be the home of a French painter is now the site of The Dominican hotel. Known for ‘The Death of Socrates,’ ‘The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons,’ and ‘Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass,’ Jacques-Louis David exiled himself to Brussels and lived in this house until his death. Tucked in the historic quarter of Rue Léopold in the centre of the city, The Dominican, which also used to be an abbey in the 15th century, is part of the Condé Nast Traveler Hot List 2008. Exuding style and modernity with its black and beige interiors, clean lines, and plush beddings, this Brussels hotel has two lounges with antique archways, ornate lamps, and lofty ceilings.

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