Book Bournmouth Airport Parking and Save Money

Bournmouth airport parking is a simple and easy procedure and now you can book your parking in advance and save money too! With prices starting at just £29.99 per week there is sure to be a deal that’s right for you when you book in advance! Find out more about Bournmouth airport parking right here:

Bournemouth airport has two separate car parks. The first car park is conveniently located adjacent to the terminal building and provides a great service for people who are collecting or dropping off at the airport. Long term stays are also available however it is advised that customers book in advance to secure the best rates possible!

Car Park 2 allows customers the chance to pay at the gate. This car park is also within walking distance of the terminal building and is well suited to customers who are looking for a long term stay. Customers should also note that prices will vary depending on the length of your stay and will be considerably more when paying on arrival. For example parking your car for a week will cost £65 when you pay at the gate. However if you book in advance you could park your car for the same length of time for as little as £29.99! So if you are planning a long term or short term stay at Bournemouth airport car park then we highly recommend that you book your parking in advance to save as much money as possible!

For full details on Bournmouth airport parking rates and the chance to book your parking please visit: www.bournemouthairport.com.

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