Are you looking for a Bournemouth ferry to France?

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Are you looking for a Bournemouth ferry to France? Here is everything that you need to know.

Unfortunately there are no ferry crossings, which operate between Bournemouth and France. However, Bournemouth is only 5 miles from Poole and there are numerous ferry crossings, which operate between Poole and mainland France. If you do not drive you can easily and cheaply get from Bournemouth to Poole using public transport, either a bus or the train. Alternatively, it would not be too costly to get a taxi for the 5 mile trip.

The fastest route on ferry to France is with Brittany ferries. This route departs from Poole and sails in to Cherbourg. Poole to Cherbourg is Brittany Ferries' shortest crossing making it an especially convenient choice. Cruise across the English Channel in just four and a half hours on Barfleur and enjoy excellent onboard facilities and comfortable cabins. Or, for their fastest sailing to France, choose the Normandie Vitesse and reach Cherbourg in just two and a half hours. Morning sailing times from Poole each day ensure that you arrive in Cherbourg early enough to enjoy more of your holiday in France. For weekend breaks and holidays, their Friday night cruise sailing provides a chance to spend the night onboard and arrive relaxed and ready to go on Saturday morning. Return journeys begin at a mere £92 per person and day trips are an extremely affordable £23 per person. For more information and for booking check out Brittany-ferries.co.uk.

So there is everything you need to know about looking for a ferry from Bournemouth to France.

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