Save with the Online Bournemouth Airport Parking Promotion

Bournemouth Airport offers a parking promotion through their online reservation system. This discount parking offer reduces short stay and long stay parking rates by approximately 20 percent.

Standard Parking Fees at Bournemouth Airport

Short stay parking at Bournemouth Airport starts at £2.50 for 30 minutes and increases by about £1 per hour. The daily rate in the short stay lot is £17. Passengers reach the terminal by crossing the main airport drive.

The long stay lots are a short walk from the terminal. The daily rate in these lots starts at £25 for the first two days and increases by approximately £8 per day.

When you book online through bournemouthairport.com/Shop/BOH/Parking you save upwards of 20 percent. The discount is dependent on how long you plan to park at the airport and which lot you choose. For example, with the online discount, an eight-day stay in a long-term lot drops from £75 to £55.

All rates and discounts are effective August 2011 and are subject to change without notice. Rates include UK's VAT. Note that Bournemouth Airport charges an additional £1.50 when you use a credit card as your payment method. This fee is not charged if you use a debit card.

Alternative Bournemouth Airport Parking Options

If you want to save more money, look into parkatmyhouse.com/uk/parking/bournemouth-airport/. This unique website highlights local homeowners willing to lease space in their private drive to airport passengers. Rates start at £2 per day and often include free transportation to and from the airport.

Whether you book online with Bournemouth Airport Parking or decide to try the highly discounted Park at My House offers, you'll find that current Bournemouth Airport parking promotions make it simple to park for less.

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