Where to Find Bournemouth Airport Parking Discount Codes

The Bournemouth Airport is located at approximately 4 miles north of Bournemouth and it has been operating commercial flights since 1958. Nowadays, the airport operates flights mostly to the Mediterranean area and Western Europe. It also provides seasonal services for North America, North Africa and the Caribbean. If you are looking for Bournemouth Airport parking discount codes, there is no doubt you will be most likely to find them on the Internet.

Airport parking can be expensive and Bournemouth Airport is no exception to the rule.There are several websites you can check during your quest for Bournemouth Airport parking discount codes. Your first stop should be My Voucher Codes (myvouchercodes.co.uk), from where you can get codes that reduce your parking fees with up to 7.5 %. Alternatively, you can choose to use a BAA Airport Parking Discount code (valid until 31 October 2011) that entitles you to airport parking from £4.90 per day.

Another website you can check for up-to-date airport parking discounts is voucherhound.co.uk. Here you can print an e-voucher that will get you 5% off the parking price at the Bournemouth airport. The good news is that the code is on-going, meaning it does not have an expiration date.

You can also save money on Bournemouth airport parking fees by checking theofficial website of the airport (bournemouthairport.com), as sometimes they offer parking deals to their customers. Make sure you book your parking slot in advance, as this is a certain way to pay less money, even without discount codes.

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