Tips for Finding the Best Bournemouth Airport Parking Discount

Bournemouth Airport parking discount rates start at £30 per week. (2011 prices) The lowest discounted rates are of limited availability, so book far in advance to get this deal. To receive this discounted rate, reserve parking online at bournemouthairport.com/Shop/BOH/Parking or call 0871 310 5556 between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Note that there is a 10p per minute charge from a BT landline.

Choosing the Best Parking Lot

Bournemouth Airport offers two parking lots. Both lots are a short walk from the terminals and allow you to book spaces in advance.

Car Park 1 is closest to the terminal. It's also the most expensive of the three and is generally used for short-stay parking.

Car Park 2 is a short distance from the terminal's main entrance. This lot does offer short-stay parking but it is commonly used for long-stay.

If you do not make a reservation in advance, the two lots do offer Turn Up and Park lots. Be aware that Turn Up and Park parking rates are not discounted.

Early Bird Parking Discounts

If you do not qualify for the £30 a week discount rate, expect to pay about £46 to £66 per week. Early bird rates apply to travelers making parking reservations at least seven days in advance. Daily rates are available and start at £20 for early birds.

When booking online or by phone, ask about extra early bird discounts available for those who reserve parking at least one month in advance. All discounts and early bird specials are based on August 2011 prices and are subject to change.

Off-site Parking Options

If you don't mind parking away from Bournemouth Airport, check into daily rates at parkatmyhouse.com. This innovative parking service matches passengers with local residents who have space to spare in their driveway. Many offer free transportation to and from the airport. Rates start at as little as £2 per day (2011 prices) making this the most popular choice for Bournemouth Airport parking discount options.

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