The Best Bournemouth Airport Parking Deals

Discover Bournemouth Airport parking deals in all three parking lots, the two long stay and the smaller short stay lot. The lots are easily accessible from the A338 and A348 by taking the B3073 and following airport signs.

Parking Information for Bournemouth Airport

The short stay lot is closest to the terminal. It also has the smallest number of parking spaces and is generally meant for those dropping off or picking up passengers. Short stay rates start at £2.50 for the first half hour. After that, the rates increase by approximately £1 per hour. The daily rate in the short stay lot is £17. (Rates are effective August 2011)

Two long stay lots are within walking distance of Bournemouth Airport terminals. Long stay lots charge £25 for up to two days, £30 for three days, £39 for four days, £45 for five days, £55 for six days and £65 for an entire week. Beyond that rates are £70 for eight days, £75 for nine days, £85 for ten days, £93 for eleven days, £97 for twelve days, £103 for thirteen days, £111 for fourteen days and £125 for fifteen days. If you'll be out of town longer than 15 days, you pay £8 for every additional day. Motorcycles receive a discounted rate of £3 per day in all lots.

Reserve both short stay and long stay parking online at bournemouthairport.com/Shop/BOH/Parking or call 0871 310 5556 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. to receive a discount of about 20 percent. Note that if you pay with credit card, you will pay a £1.50 credit card surcharge. All prices include the 20 percent VAT and are current as of August 2011. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Discount Parking at Private Homes

ParkatMyHouse.co.uk provides listings of homeowners providing discounted Bournemouth Airport parking offers. Park your car at their house for as low as £2 per day. Your vehicle remains in a private driveway away from airport congestion. In addition, most homeowners happily include transportation to and from the airport when necessary making this the best way to find Bournemouth Airport parking deals.

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