Bournemouth Airport Parking – Cheapest By Far

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Bournemouth airport, located in southern England, was ranked the best airport in the UK in 2008, and they have almost one million passengers passing through their gates every year. This level of service and integrity also  extends to Bournemouth airport parking the cheapest tickets available by going online.

Let's face it, given that flight arrival times and public transport can be haphazard, to say the least, most people realize that it makes sense to drive and park your vehicle at the airport - whether long-term or short-term. And, if you don't have the luxury of a good friend, or relative, to drop you off at the terminal, or if you're a seasoned business traveler that flies frequently, you will be at the mercy of the airport parking lot with it's overpriced fees.

In general you will pay £1.25 per hour, with an optional one off day rate of £24, to park in the car park for the entire day. That doesn't need to be the case if you make your purchase in advance - especially around the holiday season starting on May the 6th.

The earlier you book your car parking the cheaper the rate, which can be as much as 50% off the charged rate if you drive up on the day. The closer you are to the airport the higher the daily rate will be, and if you are staying for 7 or 14 days this can add up to a lot.

Some of the sites to help you get the cheapest airport parking are: bournemouth-airport-budget-parking.com, lamangaspain.com and www.flightline.co.uk. Once you've found the cheapest Bournemouth airport parking deal, book in, and as a holiday or business passenger, who demands quality service, you will have the peace of mind knowing your car is in safe hands.Remember to save both time and money, consider pre-booking your car parking at Bournemouth airport parking. Many of the best car parking deals are available on a pre-booked basis via the internet.

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