Bournemouth Airport car parking information

On arrival

On arrival at Bournemouth airport, car parking is clearly signposted. Both car parks are located within walking distance of the terminal. Car park 1 is for short and long stays. Car park 2 is for long stays. Car park 2 is closed during the winter months.

Prices and booking

Bournemouth airport car parking prices start from £29.99 per week for long stay and £2.50 per half hour for short stay. Payment can be made at the airport, by phone on 0871 310 5556 or online at www.bournemouthairport.com. Bookings can be cancelled or amended by phone or online up to 24 hours in advance. Take a ticket at the barrier and pay at one of the automated machines at the airport. Alternatively, if you have pre-booked, present the ticket to a member of staff at the information desk, and quote the booking reference number for validation.


There is a minimum 2 day stay charge for all car park bookings. Stays may be shorter but the charge is a minimum of two days.


Satellite navigation coordinates for Bournemouth Airport car parks are as follows:

Car Park 1 N50.77804 W1.831712

Car Park 2 N50.77907 W1.83166

Vehicle details can be amended by phone or online up to 24 hours in advance for no charge.

In line with similar charges at regional airports across the UK, Bournemouth airport charges for drop offs and pick ups to the airport terminal. This charge has been introduced to fund improvements to the airport after falling passenger numbers during the recession.

An hourly shuttle bus service operates between the airport and the centre of Bournemouth. Call 01202 557007 or visit www.bournemouth-airport-shuttle.co.uk.

For questions about airport car parking call 0871 310 5556 between the hours of 7am and 10pm, 7 days a week.

About Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth airport, previously known as Hurn airport, is located approximately four miles north east of Bournemouth. It flies direct to 30 worldwide destinations including Tunisia, Fuerteventura, Rhodes, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Corfu and Zakynthos in Greece. In 2008 the airport was voted the best in Britain and the third best in the world.



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