Things to Know About Bournemouth Airport Budget Parking

Bournemouth airport budget parking is available at a very close distance. There are several budget car parking options with a cost of around £30 per week. Car parking charge depends on the distance from the Bournemouth Airport. Car parking just beside the airport may cost £35 per week or more. But when there is walking distance from the parking site then it is comparatively lower than that.

Bournemouth airport budget parking information is available in their home page. They have ‘car park one’ and ‘car park two’ options. Car park one is situated right next to the terminal building which is almost inside the airport. And the weekly cost starts from £29.99.

On the other hand, car par two is a little far from the terminal building. It is situated at a walking distance from the terminal building. The cost is relatively lower here. You can park your vehicle here for several days to weeks.

There are also other airport budgets parking options near the Bournemouth airport. In these cases the distance from the airport terminal is usually a 2 to 10 minutes drive. Parking charge is also different, starting from £2 per day up to £5 per day. Additional charges may be applied for different services. There are also several hotels near the Bournemouth airport terminal where a parking facility is available. For example, Croydon Hotel, Wood Croft Hotel, Boscombe Reef Hotel and Orchid Hotel. There are also national car parks limited and Troudos airport parking near the Bournemouth airport terminal. You can check out the following websites for more information: www.croydon-hotel-bournemouth.co.uk and www.bournemouthairport.com.

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