Bounce around Prague

Here’s the thing. What with everything from sport to travel getting extreme this and adventure that, your tales of a week on Skegness told round the water cooler just won’t cut it anymore.

But this version of Prague will make that guy from marketing look as dull as you know he really is! Basically, what you do is strap on a pair of giant springy stilts that enable you to run like a kangaroo at up to 20mph and bounce 6ft into the air.

It’s called Powerbocking and it’s the only way to see Prague these days. If you can get the hang of this bizarre means of getting around they’ll certainly speed up your sightseeing, though focusing on not falling over might be a distraction your first time out.

Introductory tours include tuition and last a couple of hours, taking in the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and Prague Castle, where standing three feet taller than everyone else, you’re guaranteed the best views of the city.

Eh, holiday insurance might be something to think about! Log on to www.bounceclan.cz for more details on this unique way to see a unique city.

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