Boston, New England.

Previously dirty and inaccessible, Boston’s waterfront has undergone a $19 billion major regeneration and clean-up.The installation of a state-of-the-art water treatment plant in the harbour has given the sea a new sparkle and replacing the city-centre highway with the ‘Rose Kennedy Greenway’ (the road now passes through an underground tunnel) has created a seamless connection between Boston's waterfront and the rest of the city, reports the BBC.

Once a dumping ground for waste, the docks now offer harbour tours and whale-watching trips; tourists eat and drink al fresco with a view of the bay and the New England Aquarium, previously an isolated attraction in the midst of a waterside wasteland, has opened a new Marine Mammal pavilion facing the sea.

Take a trip from Long Wharf to the Harbour Islands, 15 of which have been designated as Harbour Islands National Park, where you’ll find hiking trails, swimming beaches and camping areas. The star islands are Georges Island, home to the Civil War-era Fort Warren with dozens of turrets and towers to explore, and Spectacle Island, the most family-friendly. The visitor's centre has exhibits about the history and ecology of the harbour. On Thursday nights, chef Jasper White hosts a clambake on the beach.

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