Bordeaux; perhaps the world’s most famous wine tasting region.

Why go it alone when you can have a fabulous wine and food tasting experience presented to you, pardon the pun, on a plate? And not just any run-of-the mill experience. Wine tours specialist Arblaster & Clarke (01730 263111, www.winetours.co.uk) offers Reserve Collection trips that are very different from any wine-tasting visits you can set up independently, reports the Daily Mail. Whether it be South Africa or the Galapagos Islands, these award winning tours are led by an expert wine guide, often a ‘Master of Wine’ or a Wine Writer and you usually have the opportunity to meet the wine-makers and owners.

Why not start out with Bordeaux, possibly the world’s most famous wine tasting region? Arblaster & Clarke are offering the chance to taste the 2010 ‘En Primeur’ at top chateaux shortly after the trade tastings in the spring, where you can assess the 2010’s well ahead of the rest of the claret drinking public. On this 'en Primeur' trip in May, you can stay in the grand wine chateaux as private guests in some of France’s most beautiful and prestigious properties that do not normally accept visits. The chateau experience is incredible, sleeping in rooms with antique furniture and eating and wine tasting in elegant dining rooms. This is a once in a lifetime trip and doesn’t come cheap but the price, £3,075, includes four nights' luxury accommodation, tastings and most meals.

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