Boracay Island: where is it exactly?

With low cost flights targeting the smaller airports and intrepid travellers moving around the world almost as though it were their back garden, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a truly out-of-the-way holiday destination to impress the friends over that post-trip drink. We’ve scanned the web and found somewhere, suggested by Yahoo travel, that is unknown to most and just a little challenging to get to.

Boracay is a tropical island located around 300km south of Manila and 2km away from the northwest tip of neighbouring island Panay, one of a cluster of islands in the central section of the Philippine archipelago. Getting there involves a flight to Kalibo, followed by an hour-and-a-half bus ride plus a fifteen-minute boat trip. Be warned: disembarking at some points may involve jumping into the water and wading ashore or being borne on the shoulders of a hotel porter. But it's the ideal place to leave winter behind and it makes a great story!

Once there, enjoy the small villages and beautiful beaches on this seven-kilometre-long island. Often called ‘the world's most beautiful tropical island’ it is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, with White Beach, named for its pristine, white powdery sand, stretching along over half of its western side and offering a wide variety of accommodation.

For those who prefer, the Yapak area in the north is less touristy, its shoreline dotted with beautiful, uncrowded beaches and coves and it is home to the islands golf course. The east coast offers ideal conditions for surfing. Most visitors stroll from place to place on foot (there are no taxis available), however if you’re feeling tired, rent a bicycle or motorbike, or share a pedicab or motorized tricycle. The better hotels provide a shuttle service on arrival to ferry you and your luggage to your accommodation.

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