Booking your flight well in advance is the way to bag a bargain.

It’s true that some of the ‘last minute’ websites can come up trumps with a great all-in-one package deal you can’t refuse or a cheap flight to a dreamy destination: but it can also be rather random and you may end up in Cyprus when you really wanted to go to Sicily. So if you have something specific in mind and prefer not to leave things to chance, the best way to bag a bargain is to book well in advance, planning your trip around six months ahead.

Flybe (www.flybe.com) has just launched its winter flight schedule and there are some fantastic early bird deals on offer from just £30.99 one way, available for travel between the 30th of October and the 8th of January 2012. This means you can either plan an autumn escape break before the winter sets in, or a Christmas break with a difference somewhere romantic.

From Dublin and Dundee to Geneva and Guernsey, Flybe operates low cost flights on over 200 routes across 13 countries, and claims to be the UK’s number one domestic airline. One thing you can’t fail to appreciate if you’re over five feet six is the decent leg room, and pre-assigned seating avoids the usual budget airline ‘scrum’ at boarding time. So log on now and get your autumn/winter breaks booked before prices rise.

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