Book Your Holiday Flights to Cyprus Today!

Cyprus has many recreational activities to choose from that create a unique travel experience. To learn more about these activities, have a look at some of the most popular activities that Cyprus is known for.

Hiking tours: Booking holiday flights to Cyprus would enable you to enjoy fantastic walking tours that show off the region's beauty and grandeur. For example, many hiking tour groups in the Kyrenia area organise hiking tours along the Girne mountain range. Walkers are treated to a great tour of the area and the views of the Girne mountain range are amazingly beautiful.

Scuba Diving: Many Cyprus flights are booked to take advantage of the region's spectacular scuba diving. In North Cyprus, there are several scuba diving schools who offer scuba diving lessons and tours. Come dive in the pristine Mediterranean Sea and meet some sting rays, octopuses, and Groupers.

Golf: Other Cyprus flights are booked to try out the area's golf courses. Cyprus's year-round great weather makes it a great holiday destination for the casual golfer. If you go out there, try the Korineum Golf & Country Club located near the Esentepe Seaside Villa. It is a great challenge for the casual golfer.

As you can see, Cyprus offers a lot of great recreational activities. If they sound good to you, book a flight to Cyprus and see how Cyprus can make your next holiday a truly memorable one!

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