Where to book cheap flights

Flights can often be prohibitively expensive, sometimes costing more than the whole rest of your trip. But they don't have to, so to help you book cheap flights here's a guide to finding the best offers available at any given time, leaving you with more money to spend when you reach your destination.

The easiest way to book cheap flights is to make use of a flight comparison website. There are a lot of these about but one of the best is momondo.co.uk. It bills itself as a search engine for flights and in many ways that's exactly what it is. It will search over 700 different travel websites to find the best offers, but it also allows you to search based on factors other than price, for example you can pick how long you want the flight to be, whether or not it's a direct flight and which airlines to check. As an alternative to momondo.co.uk, travelsupermarket.com and skyscanner.net both offer a similar service.

Instead of using a flight comparison website you could also consider going straight to a cheap travel agent. For example opodo.co.uk check their prices every day to ensure they provide the best value flights, and they will take bookings for over 500 airlines to destinations worldwide. As a bonus, since they handle the bookings themselves you'll be able to book quickly and easily through their website, while finding a flight on a flight comparison site means being redirected to an external website to book.

If you want to be sure that you've secured the very best deal when you book cheap flights, then the best approach is undoubtedly a combination of these. First of all do a quick check on a flight comparison website and then compare the results with what some cheap travel agents offer you.

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