Book an autumn Caribbean Cruise now and save over £350 per person.

You’re probably focusing on your Easter break right now, or at most, thinking about your summer holiday. And with the sun just making its long awaited appearance after a hard winter, it may be difficult to think ahead to next November. However Princess Cruises are certainly giving you an incentive to do so. They are offering a 10-night Caribbean cruise on board the mother-of-all cruise ships, Emerald Princess, from £1,279 per person, reduced from £1,649. Departure dates are the 7th or 27th of November 2011.

What’s more the price (based on two people sharing a cabin) includes flights to departure point Fort Lauderdale in Florida and one night’s pre-cruise accommodation so you can relax and not worry about missing the boat. Ports of call include Princess Cays, St Thomas, Grenada, Bonaire and Aruba. It’s a wonderful opportunity to head for the sun when temperatures are plummeting back home.

The Emerald Princess is a veritable floating city, complete with theatre, casino, spa, and movies under the stars to keep you entertained, plus a number of restaurants and bars. Visit the travelshop.telegraph.co.uk or call them on 0844 871 2115 to sign up for this great deal.

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