Book a holiday at the Laico Atlantic Gambia this year

A lot of people find themselves stuck for ideas on what to do for their holidays, they are sick of going to the same type of place for the same type of holiday year after year. Do not fret, that is why we are here, to offer you suggestions on different locations and for today why not book a holiday at the Laico Atlantic in Gambia. For any holiday maker who likes a bit of sun and relaxation, Gambia is the place for you. It has 30 miles of snow white sand and warm temperatures all year round. It is less than 20 miles wide but over 300 miles long and is located in the west of Africa.

The Gambia is a strip of land along the Gambia river and it while you are there take a boat trip up the river with thick forest, full of monkeys on either side and it is also a brilliant place for bird lovers as it is home to an abundance of species. A beautiful country and we urge you to book a holiday at the Laico Atlantic in Gambia this year.

The Laico Atlantic Banjul Hotel is a resort located right on the beach. Each room has a view of the sea, swimming pool and garden. A complete renovation of this building was made in 2008 and it lives up to it's four star billing with a private beach available to guests as well as an outdoor pool and nightclub. A complimentary breakfast is included for all guests but there is also all inclusive deals available. The hotel has every type of activity available to it's guest and prices start at just £360 per room from hotel.com.

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