Book a Flight to Spain Today!

From eating at exciting restaurants to going to fantastic art events, Spain has many things to do for the adventurous holiday maker all year round. Let's look at some of the fun things going on right now in Spain.

The Restaurant Scene: Flights to Spain could lead you to some of the most impressive restaurants in the world. For example, if you like seafood, why not consider Resturante Botafumeiro in Barcelona? They specialise in dishes which feature the region’s fantastic selection of seafood. Many natives think that Botafumerio’s lobster and oyster dishes are especially delicious. Book a flight to Spain to find out!

Want to try something new? Why not try Spain’s famous tapas dishes? Tapas are little dishes of food that are eaten with a cocktail or as a snack before dinner. A good place to try some tapas is Bocatame in Valencia. They make great empanadas (little fried pies) that taste great with a glass of dry sherry. Why not book a flight to Spain and see for yourself?

Art events: Flights to Spain could also lead you to some of the best art events in Europe. Here’s an example of an art event that you could find in Spain. October in Madrid is a special time of year for art lovers. This year’s no exception. The Prado National Museum in Madrid is hosting a special showing of 17th century Spanish painter Juan Bautista Maino’s greatest paintings. Come see one of the Baroque period’s most original paintings in this exciting 33 piece exhibit!

Now that you know what Spain has to offer for art lovers and gourmets, why not book a flight to Spain today?

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