Bonding in Berlin and Barcelona.

If you’ve just found your potentially perfect other half, going away for the first time together can either make or break a relationship. Will you both like doing the same things? Are you both looking for adventure or for a quiet romantic walk on the beach? If in doubt, why not take advice from the experts?

Dating website eHarmony.co.uk offers tips on holiday choices for couples, reports the Daily mail. Relationship scientist Dr Gian Gonzaga claims 'Holiday destinations should reflect the type of relationship you’re in and the personality of you and your partner. If you’re in a new and exciting relationship, you want to do something that will make your relationship grow and give you something to share.’

New couples, he says, should head to Berlin, with its thriving arts scene or Barcelona, which offers both a buzzing capital scene and the chance of a relaxing beach holiday. Adventurous types can try something different such as exotic and exciting Marrakech or Bucharest’s thriving underground club scene.

And when it comes to romance, rather than Paris or Venice, more suited to long established relationships, the relationship expert recommends Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and even Reykjavik, the ideal city break for nature-lovers who don't get a kick out of museums, shops and galleries.

So for those in a new relationship, keep this in mind when you book your next city break together!

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