Bombardment of Bunnies on Japanese Island

The island of Okunoshima is located in the Inland Sea just off the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture. In the late 20’s it was secretly built to produce poison gas which would be used for chemical warfare. Between 1929-1945, the Japanese army ended up producing over 6,000 tons of poisonous gas in secret that was used in WWII.


When visiting the island, visitors can still see the derelict factory and forts in the area. In 1988 the Poison Gas Museum was opened in hopes of spreading information about the horrendous activities that took place here and a glimpse at what residents endured.

While the past is extremely dark, the first thing you will know when you disembark the ferry is the hundreds of bunnies, yes bunnies, that bound towards you. These furry friends are very friendly and are most likely looking for food, which you are encouraged to give them. But please leave your dogs and cats at home.


If you are looking for more attention from these little guys, you can lay on the ground and they will excitedly jump all over you and smother you with fluffiness. You can choose to stay on the island at the small campground or hotel and also try your hand at golf on the small golf course.

But how did the rabbits get here in the first place? Honestly, no one is quite sure. While rabbits were often used when testing the poisonous gas in the mid 1900’s, all of those rabbits were said to be euthanized. There are rumours that a teacher brought a few of these rabbits to the island and they reproduced rather quickly, as they do. Now it has brought a little joy to the island with the very dark past.

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