We take a look at Bodrumcheap flights

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Bodrum is one of the hottest tourist spots in Turkey attracting thousands of international visitors every year. As a result Bodrumcheap flights from and to the UK are extremely popular.

Bodrum is a Turkish port that is perenially attractive to holiday makers for the high percentage of sunny days each year, hot temperatures and access to the beach. There are plenty of hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes in the town and a vibrant nightlife.

Bodrum has a large international community that enriches the already varied and vibrant culture. History as you may imagine plays a very important role in Bodrum culture with many relics and sites of interest dating back many hundreds of years. Bodrum also plays host to the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and  the famous Gardens of Babylon.

Flight time to Bodrum from the UK is approximately four hours and the time difference is two hours ahead of GMT. Flights depart from all the major UK airports with a high frequency during the peak season with most of the usual carriers. Flights from London tend to be the most expensive so you may get a better deal by choosing a different UK airport. At the moment there are some great deals.

Monarch are offering outbound flights from London to Bodrum £180 and return flights from £75 for flights in July and to include all taxes. Thomas Cook have outbound flights from £125 from London to Bodrum and return flights from £130. It is well worth visiting a price comparison website to get a good deal on Bodrumcheap flights but remember that this is a very popular route so try to book well in advance. The best deal we can find looking at cheapflights.co.uk is £144 for a return flight including all taxes.

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