Explore the Bodrum and Gumbet area with flights to Bodrum (BJV) airport

If you like your Turkish holidays to offer a variety of attractions, the Bodrum and Gumbet area by Bodrum airport (BJV) should keep you happy, with shopping, relaxing and sightseeing all on the itinerary.

Gumbet's long sandy beaches are an obvious attraction. lapped by the tranquil waters of the Aegean. There's a friendly family atmosphere here, with some stretches devoted to a variety of watersports.

In Bodrum, the street markets are the most enticing aspect of this hectic town. Tuesday's textile market offers vibrant regional fabrics, kilims, carpets and clothing. The food markets on Thursdays and Fridays offer tempting displays of fresh produce, exotic fruit, cheeses, olives and artisan bread.

Refuel at a street stall selling delicious gözleme, meat or cheese-filled pancakes that started out here before becoming popular all over the world (Australians adore them).

For sightseeing, don't miss the 15th-century Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights of St.John. Now it has been converted into a museum, with a fascinating underwater archaeological site that includes the oldest shipwreck in the world. You can also see the world's oldest mausoleum, the original built for King Mausolus by Queen Artemis in the fourth century BC.

For day trips out of town, try Gümüşlük, a charming little resort with a sea-front lined with excellent fish restaurants. You can take boat trips from here that hug the the peninsula coast, and skirt the shores of fascinating little Aegean islands.

It's the ideal way to get a new perspective on the Bodrum and Gumbet area near Bodrum (BJV) airport.


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