Getting the best deal on the boat to Jersey

Boat to Jersey

Have you been casting longing glances at the island of Jersey? This beautiful little island is one of the most sun kissed parts of the UK, enjoying some of the warmest temperatures all year round. The best part of going here, is that it is only a short ferry ride away! In this blog we are going to give you all the details you will need on getting a great deal on the boat to Jersey, so lets check it out!

Jersey is, in our opinion, one of the best destinations for a family holiday anywhere in the UK. Thanks to regular ferry crossings, it is cheap to get to, and the advantageous location means you will get plenty more sun than anywhere else in the unpredictable UK. If you are looking to strike a great deal on the ferry crossing, then we recommend checking out Condor Ferries at http://www.condorferries.co.uk.

Condor serve Jersey with the most ferry crossings daily, sailing to both Jersey and Guernsey numerous times each day. Despite their position of dominance in the market, they still offer some quite stunning bargains on their ferry crossings. Right now Condor are offering to carry a car and two passengers from the UK to Jersey for just £99 each way, representing an absolute steal on your holiday.

This price is a limited offer, and is likely to disappear fast as capacity fills up. Right now it doesn't have a date that it will end, but we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment! Check them out today!

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