Boat hire in Ibiza, the ultimate Mediterranean adventure

Ibiza is an island of much reputation. Many associate it with wild nights and dancing until dawn. This is true but Ibiza is also so much more. This is something you could discover for yourself if you choose the option of boat hire in Ibiza on your next venture there.

For you to truly experience the magnificence that is Ibiza perhaps you should explore some of the lesser known gems of the island. Here are 5 suggestions for great adventures possible when you opt for boat hire in Ibiza.

With a boat hire in Ibiza you can discover one of Spain’s most fascinating islands

1. Las Puertas del Cielo - you can't really go wrong with a place which name literally translates to Heaven's Gate. It's located just outside of Santa Inés and known to very few. Make sure to make this somewhat challenging trek in order to watch the sunrise. Or perhaps you simply stay on your boat and soak up the experience from there.

2. Es Amunts Natural Parkland - this protected park area includes a coastline, mountain peaks, fields and an abundance of wildlife. It is truly a spot for the adventurous type and arriving by boat only adds to the excitement. Here are plenty of places to explore within the area of the park and you should be sure to bring your camera.

3. San Juan village - this village placed in the northern corner of the island is quaint and completely void of outside influences meaning that you will get a truly unique and authentic experience when travelling here. Try some of the local cuisine and be amazed by the delicious flavours that you will most likely not experience anywhere else.

4. Beaches - this somewhat ambiguous title might need some explaining. In Ibiza there are several beaches to choose from, however there are a few which are true hidden gems away from the beaten track. Cala d'Albarca for instance is one such spot that offers a lot of privacy. Although you have your own secluded spot as you have chosen to boat hire in Ibiza it might be nice to also explore some other options.

5. Cap des Falco - the final suggestion on this list might be a bit of a difficult trek if you are not an experienced hiker but you should definitely give it a go as a challenge for yourself. Take a break from lounging around on deck and set out for this magnificent hike with no less than five challenging peaks. It really is a great and rewarding experience. Make sure to bring some water though.

Visit some of Ibiza's lesser known gems

Opting for a boat hire in Ibiza via a boat hire platform is a great choice and it is the start of a fantastic holiday. Make sure to add some of the lesser known gems mentioned here to your travel itinerary and you are in for a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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