A review of Blue Ocean Travel

Blue Ocean Travel, whose website can be found at blueoceantravel.co.uk, are a client of Micros Travel (microstravel.com) an international company specialised in honing the technologies and services of individual travel companies to push them to higher standards.

Most of Micros Travel's clients are based in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, as Blue Ocean Travel are, and they provide technical help to build point of sale systems, mid and back office systems, website design templates, and much more. The quality of Blue Ocean Travel's services reflects the standards achieved thanks to the overseeing hand of Micros Travel.

There are five services on the Blue Ocean Travel website, which combine to cover all basic necessities of most travel experiences:

  • Package Holidays: Visitors can search for holidays departing from any UK airport to any destination worldwide, and find a comprehensive list of options.
  • Flights: Similarly, users can search for cheap flights, although the results generated are less informative and sometimes more expensive than price comparison websites such as skyscanner.net.
  • Hotels: Type in your destination city, and find the cheapest hotels.
  • Car Hire:Similarly, type the name of any city in the world, and your desired car hire dates, and find the best options.
  • Transfers: Use Blue Ocean Travel to arrange transfers to and from your destination's airport.

While the are some beneficial features in collecting all of the fundamental travel essentials onto one easy-to-explore website, the actual results provided by Blue Ocean Travel are neither as expensive nor as cheap as those provided by websites which specialise in any of its given features.

It is much better to use a website like trivago.co.uk to search for holiday and hotel options, and skyscanner.net to search for flights. In the majority of examples, Blue Ocean Travel will be useful only as a guide and research tool, and will probably not find the offers which tempt you to book.

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