Block party – without the Noise

Nirvana for a seven-year-old fanatic whose every gift, from birthdays to Christmas, is denominated in the brightly coloured bricks and the fiddly hats and tools that are always the first things to be lost, Legoland wins 'best parent of the millennium award' easy!

Legoland is on the edges of Windsor Park, south-west of London and home to the eponymous castle and Horse Guards polo grounds, and beside Ascot.

It is within easy reach of Heathrow and about an hour from Gatwick.

Right on the edge of town, you’ve got the Hilton Basingstoke Hotel, with its all-inclusive package of tickets for the park, B&B accommodation with a kids-under-10-eat-for-free clause and an automatic 15 per cent taken off your bill for food and anything else at the end of your stay.

But best of all is the Bob the Builder film in 3D with real-life special effects – just what has been missing from your life.

To avoid kiddie meltdown and 3 hour queues, get yourself A Q-bot which allows you to book a ride in advance. It tells you when to go to that ride, allows you to skip the main queue, and estimates that your waiting time is 75 per cent less than that of the normal queue. At £10 (€11.30) per person for a day, is it worth it? Hell, yes.


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