Blissful bathing: Las Teresitas beach, Tenerife.

Part of Spain, but situated off the north-west coast of Africa, Northern European tourists flock to the Canary Islands in search of the sun. Hot, but not too hot, the sun shines all year round and it’s an inviting place to chill out and relax on one of its many beaches.

The Canaries offer anything and everything. There’s an electric night life with all-night clubbing, the best of mainland cooking with added spice, Spain’s highest mountain, Mount Teide, national parks and a dormant volcano.

But if you prefer something quieter, try the Las Teresitas beach on the island of Tenerife,voted one of the Canary Islands’ best by the Daily Telegraph Five miles north of Santa Cruz, Tenerife’s capital, the crystal clear water, sweeping white sand and shady palm trees attract locals, happy to escape the more crowded resorts. Sheltered by the mountains which hug the coast, the shallow water makes it an ideal family beach and its artificial reef allows snorkellers to swim safely with the tropical fish.

And if you get restless or simply need to refuel, head to San Andrés at the southern end of the beach. La Cofradía de Pescadores offers wonderful fresh fish and razor clams, or for those who dare, Los Churritos (Dique 1) serves fresh octopus.

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