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Blah hotel

A private server version of the social networking site Habbo hotel - operated by Finnish online gaming company Sulake - Blah hotel is an online community where users meet to make new friends, keep up with old ones, play games and essentially have fun online.

Specifically aimed at teenagers and young adults, the hotel is a glittery, graphic-laden, multi-room virtual community where users can move between a series of public rooms, such as a cinema and night club, and private rooms created by other users. Users play games, interact with other users and staff and can even design and decorate their own rooms.

Blah was created as a free alternative to Habbo, where users must pay for credits to use buy certain features such as the ability to create new avatars, design rooms and buy furniture. In Blah, users receive 250 credits and 100 pixels for free every 15 minutes.

The administrators set a series of rules that users must obey or risk being kicked out of the community. These include a ban on bullying, sexual proposals, offensive or racist insults and aggressive behaviour.

The Blah VIP membership is a one-off lifetime subscription costing $10. This affords VIP users a series of perks such as a VIP badge, 500 credits every 15 minutes instead of 250, and 200 pixels every 15 minutes; although the central perk appears to be added status within the community.

Blah is a considerably smaller community compared to Habbo, with just 700,000 registered users compared to Habbo's 10 million unique monthly visitors.


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