Enjoy the thrills at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool has been packing in the holidaymakers for more than a century. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, with its rollercoasters, rides and amusements, is a key part of the town's attractions. It's a destination in itself, with an ever-changing line-up of entertainment. Family fun is the theme at this unashamedly brash resort.

Rollercoaster rides

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is among the highlights of the Blackpool attractions on offer at the cheery Northern resort. Although the Blackpool season is mainly crammed into those few weeks that pass as a British summer, the Pleasure Beach offers year-round entertainment.

Arguably the main attraction at the Pleasure Beach is the rollercoaster with the no-nonsense name: the Big One. It's the tallest and fastest coaster in the UK, climbing to a height of 235 feet and hitting speeds of up to 87mph over the course of more than a mile.

Coaster fans who like a little competition will relish the Grand National, a twin track rollercoaster where your train races against a rival on a parallel track. There are several other rides to test your nerve.

After an adrenaline overload riding the rails, relax with a show. Entertainment is family-friendly and tends to concentrate on traditional seaside fare like hypnotists, magicians and ice dancing, usually served up with a dash of Vegas flamboyance.

Dining at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is cosmopolitan, albeit with an emphasis on fast food of the British, American and Chinese varieties. For something a little smarter, the Grill is a stylish brasserie located in the art deco Casino.

Save on passes

There's too much on offer at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to cram into one day, so it can be economical to check for dates when special half-price weekend passes are available. Those who live nearby might even be tempted by a season pass. Look out for online promotional codes that can also offer a substantial discount on passes and ride wristbands.

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