Blackpool Blows you Away

’You'll be amazed! You'll be enthralled! You'll be astounded!’ so says the tower's publicity. And what exactly will you see from Blackpool Tower? Well, the best view isn't the weird plastic dolphins or the metal hoops on Birley Street – it's the people having fun and of course the coach park and the queue for the South Pier.

Blackpool gets a lot of snootiness and stick but it’s still the No 1 place in the UK to go if you like watching people enjoying themselves.

Fun has been the town's main purpose for more than 200 years and it knows exactly how to provide it – different tricks for different types but genuinely something for everyone.

Saunter along the Prom and you'll see this in spades (and buckets), once the current £179m reconstruction is finished and the trams are back in time for this year's season. Check out the Winter Gardens for interior decor that leaves words such as rococo and baroque floundering. Or simply whizz around the rides at Pleasure Beach with your cheeks pushed in by G-forces, BlackpoolTower.

But fret not, you don’t have to sleep there – that can be done at the family friendly, great value Big Blue Hotel, BigBlueHotel.

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