Bizarre laws from around the globe

England is certainly not on its own when it comes to bizarre and sometimes ancient laws and customs that prevent people from doing seemingly ordinary things without landing themselves with some outlandish penalty. Not that these laws are usually upheld but then again, who would fire a bow and arrow at a Welshman from the walls around the city of York?

Enjoy a sandy beach to build sandcastles on on holiday? Despite the ultra-fine white sand that can be found in Eraclea in Italy, authorities have banned the building of such sand edifices. Other beach and holiday type activities that should be avoided include parachuting out of a plane on a Sunday in Florida, USA, if you're an unmarried woman.

The cleanliness of Singapore is often commented on and is due, in part, to a ban since 1992 on chewing gum. Amsterdam also appreciates keeping its street scenes clean and has made it illegal to smoke tobacco in public places, whilst allowing everyone from students, holiday-makers to the elderly to chuff away on pure cannabis.

And finally, even if you've just got back from the pub in Switzerland, try not to flush the toilet after 10pm and if you're thinking in your desperation of nipping outside to pee up against the wall, bear in mind that it could be your last act as a free-man. We suggest keeping some milk bottles to hand.

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