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Birmingham to Paphos travel

Paphos is known to be the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. With a luxurious history dating back more than eight thousand years ago, the coastal city has cultivated its archeological sites and has been catering to tourists from different parts of the world. Tourism has been a rich source of livelihood for the hospitable Cypriots. Visiting Paphos will surely be a treat for cultural lovers out there.

Departing from Birmingham to Paphos travel time will take approximately four hours. For more flight information, go to www.cheapflights.co.uk. Apparently, traveling during late summer or on the whole month of September is a lot cheaper compared to October flights. If you take a look into the site, Birmingham to Paphos travel return ticket costs £179 from Avro, £174 from Monarch and £220 from Flythomascook. Check their respective websites for fare updates. All prices are inclusive of taxes. On the other hand, traveling in the second half of October will cost you £340 for Avro,£ 334 from Monarch and £245 from Flythomascook.

Do a weather research before booking tickets online. Paphos has a subtropical-Mediterranean climate so there is a very slight chance of summer rains. The city is definitely a must see for every enthusiastic traveler. It is a destination of archeological sites from the Stone Age, Roman times and Byzantium period. The coast and beaches are so glorious that they are labeled with blue flags. This means that the beach or marina is one of the best in the world. You can do almost anything - biking, hiking, bird watching, horse riding, golfing, and even appreciate the locals practice wine and lace-making, weaving, woodcarving and pottery.

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