Birmingham to Malta flight tickets

Getting Birmingham to Malta flight tickets can be a bit difficult. There are very few websites out there that will direct you to the right place so in this case, go to the source.

We found that both Thomson and Ryanair are your absolute best bet as far as getting flight tickets goes. Ryanair are always great for the cheaper flights and Thomson generally offer good package deals if it's a holiday you are planning.

The one thing people always want to avoid when going abroad is the huge crowds of tourists. Malta is affected by this so it is best to know when to go. If you want to avoid the herd then make your trip between the months of August and November.

Don't worry, Malta stays sunny all the way through October and into early November so it's the perfect time to go. Another great advantage to this is the fact that they are much cheaper in these later months.

We found in this case, the cheapest flights with Ryanair (http://www.ryanair.com). We set up a trip that leaves the 23rd of September and returns on the 30th. This is a round trip ticket for two direct to Malta from Birmingham. The total cost comes to only £289, about £140 per person for a week in Malta.

There are other airlines that do this route but you will not beat Ryanair for price. Hit up their website and get Birmingham to Malta tickets sorted for cheap, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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