Birmingham alloys wheels

Alloy wheels are generally made from a mix of magnesium and aluminium that gives a bright, shiny and light weight replacement for steel or other similar metals to cover wheel rims.

The alloy, a metallurgical term for a mixture of two metals, gives improved performance for cars. Lighter wheels means less weight. Less weight means more acceleration and improved fuel consumption. Lighter wheels can even mean improvements in handling.

Alloy wheels can also offer improved breaking due to the greater heat conduction from the mix of metals. This is even before you count the numerous design and decorative benefits that alloy wheels confer.

As we can see there are numerous reasons why someone would choose alloy wheels but where can you source them in Birmingham?

A Google search will throw up dozens of options for Birmingham Alloys but who to use? As in most things we recommend using companies with a good reputation. Word of mouth recommendations in business are an excellent indicator of reputable companies.

As such for Birmingham Alloys look no further than these two operators.

Crazy Alloys, located on Wrentham Street in Birmingham city centre, are specialists in the decorative side of alloy wheels. Open seven days a week and with a price match policy they should be every petrol-head's first stop for Birmingham alloys.

Inevitably, for a moving part in a car, your alloy wheels will become tarnished or damaged. If this has happened to you or you are planning on having alloy wheels in the future you must look for the "Alloy Refurb specialist". Located outside Birminham at Junction 6 on Tyburn road they boast the best skill set for refurbishment and repairs of Birmingham alloys.

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