Bird watching: unforgettable holidays in Scotland

Your bird watching holiday: why Scotland makes the perfect location

Bird watching holidays in Scotland are ideal for everyone from weekend wildlife enthusiasts to serious ornithologists. Scotland boasts breathtaking landscapes, covering diverse bird habitats. As well as studying the rich variety of birds (over 500 species), you can immerse yourself in everything else this country has to offer in terms of scenery, restaurants and entertainment. Scotland’s tourist industry is well-established, so you’ll find all your travel and sightseeing catered for.

Where are the bird spotting hotspots when holidaying in Scotland?

Many species are native to Scotland and encapsulate its spirit of untamed beauty. There are numerous locations that boast fantastic birdspotting opportunities, from forest-lined Highland glens to rugged moorland, beautiful beaches and estuaries to the bird tables in the main towns.

The RSPB (www.rspb.org.uk/scotland) run nature reserves right across Scotland. Loch Garten, ancestral home to the elusive osprey, is situated amongst lush pinewood and tranquil lochs, less than an hour’s drive from Perth. You could also consider Hoy in the remote Orkney Isles, home to seabirds, including thousands of great skuas, or Lochwinnoch, within easy driving distance of Glasgow.

What birds can I expect to spot during my Scottish holiday?

For such a small country there are an abundance of striking species: golden eagles, snowy owls, crossbills, capercaillies, ptarmigan, black grouse, and many more.

What accommodation is available for bird watching holidays in Scotland?

Self-catering chalets make an ideal base to explore Scotland’s exceptional birdlife. Many sites provide online bookings, such as holiday lettings (www.holidaylettings.co.uk/scotland).

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