Biggest cruise of the World

Based on gross tons, Allure of the Seas is officially recognised as the biggest cruise ship of the world. It is the jewel in the crown of the Royal Caribbean International cruise company and it traditionally sails around the Caribbean although a European visit has long been touted. The cruise ship weighs an incredible 225,282 gross tons and stretches 1,187 feet in length while having the capacity to hold a whopping 5,400 passengers.

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While this may seem like a lot of footfall to facilitate on a single ship, it hardly feels like it once everyone disperses into various areas of the ship. There are 18 decks for passengers to relax on, 24 passenger elevators to transport them to various sections of the ship and too many activities to count. A crew of 2,200 are also on hand to take care of all the passengers' needs on their journey.

With so much space available, Allure can offer a wide array of activities for all various ages and interests. Those that love water can take their pick from the numerous pools that are scattered across the decks. If that doesn't pique your interest, head over to the FlowRider and work on your boogie board and surfing skills. This surf simulator is a fun way to catch a wave while staying well within the safe confines of the ship. There is also the H2O zone that is full of interactive fountains, cannons exploding water in every which way and much more. This is the perfect place for children to run around and parents can just relax nearby and enjoy the sun.

The AquaTheatre makes for another fun hangout location for young ones and adults alike. It is an exciting show full of diving acrobats, a visually entertaining light show and much more. There is also the Dreamworks Experience, which brings favourite movie characters like Shrek and Fiona and the cast of KungFu Panda to life on board the ship. There are screenings of Dreamworks films for the young ones to enjoy too at various times throughout the day.

There is a Spa and Fitness Centre to keep people in shape and relaxed while on a long cruise. Passengers can explore any one of the 7 district neighbourhoods such as Atlantic Boardwalk and Central Park. This makes for the perfect romantic getaway that allows you the freedom to stroll the areas and visit bistros and boutiques along the way. If you are looking for something more lively and are feeling lucky, why not head to the casino and try out your luck. At night you can also head to the outdoor movie screen to catch a flick and relax with a cocktail while sitting in the fresh air.

Allure of the Sea is a mere 2 inches longer than Royal Caribbean International's second largest ship, the Oasis of the Seas. But a few things that set them apart are the newer shops such as Guess boutique, Starbucks, and Romero Britta Art Store. It also offers a more modern experience all round with iPod Docking stations in all cabins so you can plug in your iTunes music and feel right at home.

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