Biddulph Grange: Everything you need to know for a visit

Biddulph Grange is home to the most beautiful example of a Victorian garden in the whole of Britain. The culmination of over twenty years of sourcing plants from around the globe, these plants are spread out in a series of compartments that lead visitors on a discovery of beautiful rockery and winding streams complimented by novel plants.

    Sarah Charlesworth - Wikimedia

Situated in Staffordshire, Biddulph Grange is in the care of The National Trust and a visit here is like taking a step back in time. The gardens were designed by James Bateman in the 19th century and he used a lot of his worldly collection of plants in the creation of the magical gardens.

The gardens, which are well over 150 years old, feature a fine selection of plants from China with some extremely exotic ones (Himalayan Rhododendrons anyone?). Visiting here means that you will discover many surprising and unexpected treasures on your walk and the gardens act as a bit of a retreat for relaxation.

You can even walk by impressive imitations of the Egyptian Court and The Great Wall of China. During your visit you can take in the fine tea rooms and plants are available to purchase if you spot something that would add to your garden.

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Biddulph Grange is open to the public all year round. In Winter and Spring, the opening times are 11am to 3.30pm and in Summer and Autumn you can make the most of extended opening hours from 11am to 5.30pm.

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