Best Zoos in the UK

If you are looking for a great day out with the family, one place that will excite both parents and children is the zoo. There are quite a few zoos spread out over the UK, but here are a list of some of the best.


The London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo which opened to the public in 1847. It stretches over 36 acres, is home to 755 species of animals and is focused on wildlife conservation and breeding endangered species. Thy have a Gorilla Kingdom, an indoor tropical rainforest and an Animal Adventures Children’s Zoo.

Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England was ranked as the best zoo in the UK and 7th in the world by TripAdvisor reviewers. It will easily fill up a full day so make sure to put on comfortable walking shoes as this is the largest zoo in the UK. You will see a mix of lemurs, Asian elephants, Snow Leopards and over 12,000 animals with 400 different species.

Colchester Zoo has 270 rare species spread out over 60 acres with plenty of play areas. It is informative and interactive that is easily accessible by wheelchair. Has a breeding program with a large focus on conservation and have Birds of Prey, aardvarks, orangutans, and much more.


Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is located in Southwest England with 80 acres with nearly 300 species. There is everything from the endangered red panda species to crocodile swamp.

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