The best country tourism slogans 2014

Country slogans and taglines sum up the essence of a country in the fewest words possible to persuade tourists to visit the destination. It’s always fascinating how slogans and taglines are able capture the heritage of a whole nation in just three or four words. Top tourism slogans make use of cleaver wordplay or pun and succeed at becoming sometimes annoyingly memorable. Here are some of the best tourism slogans for 2014 that might just convince you to pack your bags and visit the travel destinations.

Grammatically odd slogans

Grammatically odd tourism slogans are some of the most attention-grabbing slogans out there. Whether it is an unwittingly misplaced letter or a deliberately omitted word, grammatically odd slogans are sometimes used as a means to sell a destination.

The Jamaican tourism board, for example, ditched their previous slogan, "Jamaica – Once you go, you know", for a more succinct, albeit grammatically odd slogan, "Jamaica – Get All Right." Although, grammatically obtuse, we think the new Jamaican slogan is indeed “All Right.”

Other grammatically odd, but nevertheless good slogans include:

  • Jump into Ireland
  • Visit Bangladesh before tourists come
  • Dumfries and Galloway - A touch of the exotic


related slogans

While grammatically odd slogans are attention grabbing, some of the best tourism slogans are arguably those that evoke a notable aspect of a country’s natural beauty or heritage. Countries blessed by Mother Nature seem to have the easiest sell.

Among the best slogans that fall back on nature are:

  • - Belize Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret
  • - Naturally Nepal – Once is not enough
  • - New Zealand 100% Pure
  • - Switzerland Get Natural
  • - Montenegro Wild Beauty
  • - Maldives… the sunny side of life
  • - Fargo, North Dakota - Always Warm

Sweet and simple slogans

Germany’s 'Simply inspiring!' is perhaps the best example of a sweet and simple, two-word country slogan in Europe.

Other sweet and simple slogans from around the world include:

  • - Belarus - Hospitality beyond boarders
  • - Zambia – let’s explore
  • - Uganda – pearl of Africa
  • - Mauritius – It’s a pleasure
  • - Guyana – experience, explore & enjoy

Inspiring, one-word wonders

Closing our list of best tourism slogans 2014 are these inspiring, one-word wonders:

  • - Magical Kenya
  • - Incredible India
  • - WOW Philippines
  • - Uniquely Singapore
  • - Amazing Thailand
  • - Cool Japan

Malaysia's slogan is quite unique because it makes use of a number. Which number, you ask? The number '1,' of course! Malaysia's slogan is: '1 Malaysia.'

Our personal favourite toursim slogan, however, comes from Slovania. Slovania’s country slogan is: ‘I feel sLOVEnia.’ Simply brilliant!

What’s your favourite tourism slogan?

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