Tours & travel: three best tour operators in Mumbai

Mumbai is a multi-faceted city in India that requires you to dig beneath its surface to fully appreciate all that it has to offer. If you want to discover the city’s most fascinating attractions and tag at its soul on your visit, you need the help of the best tour operators in Mumbai. The best tour operators offer you the unique opportunity to really get to know the city. Consider these three best tour operators.

Grand Mumbai Tour

Grand Mumbai is one of the best tour operators in Mumbai for special festival tours. Whether you are visiting Mumbai on business or pleasure, you will appreciate the company's excellent personalised and professional tour guide services. Take advantage of special festival tours to experience Mumbai’s colour and culture firsthand. For example, take walks during the colourful Ganesh festival, sing and dance with the locals during Navaratri and/or venture out sightseeing by bike to the Mother Goddess.

Visit the company’s website for a schedule of festivals and to arrange your preferred festival tour in Mumbai .

Phone: +919167472957

Duration: Flexible.

Cost: Based on the number of people on tour and the duration of the tour.

Website: http://www.grandmumbai.com/

Mumbai Magic Tours

Mumbai Magic Tours is one of the best tour operators in Mumbai for local transport travel and sightseeing. Step out of your comfort zone and experience the city directly as the locals do. Mumbai Magic tours takes you to all the best attractions in the city, but you travel around using the famous double decker red buses, black and yellow taxis, local trains and, of course, on foot. Be sure to try some of Mumbai’s local delicacies, snacks and drinks on your tour, including a cup of real Mumbai tea (chai).

Phone: +91 98677 07414

Duration: 4 hours starting 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. daily

Cost: 2,000 rupees (about £22).

Website: http://www.mumbaimagic.com/

Be The Local Tours and Travels

Be the Local Tours and Travel is one of the best tour operators in Mumbai for tours of Dharavi slum – the largest slum in Asia. It is understandable you might be apprehensive of a slum tour. But, Be the Local tour company (comprising of local residents of Dharavi slum) guarantees that if you can put aside your initial apprehension, you will discover a place full of life with a remarkable sense of community and industry.

Rather than come out depressed, your Dharavi slum tour will open your eyes to the spirit and strength of the people who live in the slum. Your tour will break any negative stereotypes you may have had and allow you to better appreciate why the locals call Dharavi slum the "Land of Opportunity."

Phone: +91 9930027370

Duration: Between 1 to 2.5 hours.

Cost: From 500 rupees (about £5) per person

Website: http://www.bethelocaltoursandtravels.com/

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