The UK's best tour operators of 2012

Establishing the best tour operators of 2012 is difficult because there are so many different travel awards given each year. One of the simplest ways is to grade the company giving the award for their expertise in the travel and tourism sector. So what better institutions to trust than the British Travel Awards and the Telegraph Travel?

Telegraph Travel

Each year around 25,000 people are polled to provide the results of the Telegraph Travel Awards. Categories include favourite independent tour operator, favourite cruise liner, favourite ski company, favourite cross channel operator, favourite travel website, favourite travel app and the best tour operators of 2012. The poll is normally carried out in October and the results are revealed a month later.


This year’s award winners will be announced at the ME Hotel on the Strand in London and in Telegraph Travel magazine. Although industry experts are invited to the ceremony, the strength of the awards is that they are voted for by the readers and travellers. This is what gives the awards a sense of integrity, and ultimately why they are trusted as a guide to the best companies within the industry.

The British Travel Awards

The British Travel Awards covers 75 categories. These categories cover everything from flights and transfers to airport parking and foreign exchange rates. They are designed to award the whole of the industry, so every travel company and tourism organisation can register for each category. Each applicant is reviewed and rated by a team of experts from the industry and the media.

Gala awards

As with the Telegraph Travel Awards, the winners are announced in style. A champagne reception, three course meal and celebrity entertainment are laid on each year for the awards.

Final word

It’s too soon to know who has won the best tour operators of 2012 for either the Telegraph Travel Awards or the British Travel Awards. The previous year provided a mixed bag of small independent tour operators and larger companies, proving that the biggest companies can't always match the service and expertise offered by specialist independent tour operators.

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