Best tents for music festivals

Whether you are going to your first music festival or are a festival veteran, finding the ideal tent to fit your needs can be tricky. Before rushing out and purchasing any tent, consider what your needs are. What size tent are you looking for? What is your budget? Here is a list of some of the best tents for music festivals for a wide range of needs.

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If you are looking for a low maintenance 2 person tent that is quick to set up and take down, than Quechua 2 seconds easy III Tent might be exactly what you need. It literally takes about a minute to set up as it is freestanding, but there are pegs that come with it if it is windy out and you need to be more secure. The tent comes with a 2 year guarantee and will only set you back £54.99.

A cheaper 2 person option is the Hi Gear Pitch and Go SS. This black and orange tent is extremely easy to pack and unpack weighing in at a mere 1.54 kg it is as lightweight as they come. You will need to peg this one in, but it only costs £24.99 making it extremely affordable for something that will cover your basic needs.

For something a little more durable and stable, try the Vango Ark 200. This is another quite easy to set-up tent with only 2 poles to put in place and it also has a ‘gothic arch’ providing more headroom and stability. Costing £90, this semi-spacious 3.45 kg waterproof tent might be worth the few extra pounds depending on how much room you need.

Then there is the Regatta 4 Man Festival TeePee Tent. One of the main benefits of this tent is that it is extremely easy to find when trying to make your way back to your tent in the sea of hundreds of others. It has 1 room with 2 doors, is fire retardant with taped seams and costs around £100 which is not bad for such a unique looking tent.

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