Best student accommodation London

London is a thriving city that attracts tourists, artists and students alike. With some of the top universities in the UK, there is a lot of competition not only to get into the schools but also for student accommodation. Here are some of the best options available for students looking to study in London.

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If you are looking for a place to socialize and meet new people, student halls might be the best option. There are two types of halls, University student halls or privately owned halls, the latter being more expensive but with a wider range of people from different universities staying there. Carr-Saunders Hall and Rosebery Hall are two well known halls that may be a good options if you want to go this route.

Students that are environmentally conscious should visit Victoria Hall in Wembley. They offer a prize every month to the flat that reduces their energy bill the most for the month which makes for a great way of fostering friendly competition while also making a difference to the world around the student hall.

For those of you who are attending Imperial College or The Royal College of Art and can say that money is no object, check out Roland House in South Kensington. This is one of the most expensive student accommodations in London charging £520 per person per week. Sky TV, a weekly cleaning, linens and towels and an onsite gym and spa are all included for that price so there is definitely value for students with a certain lifestyle.

Nido Spitalfields near Brick Lane and Petticoat Lane Market is another expensive choice but may be worth it if you are looking to rent a modern flat and want to be in a great location. The 33 floors consist of 1,204 student room along with a karaoke room on the ground floor, a gym and spa, widescreen televisions and much more. If you share with 3 other people it will cost £14,280 per person for the year or £16,830 if you need your own private studio with a kitchenette.

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