The Best Skiing Holidays in Europe for 2012

No matter if you're a nervous newcomer to skiing or a seasoned professional on the slopes, there are some great deals to be had. Skiing can be enjoyed all year round if you are travelling outside of Europe, but if you're looking for the best skiing holidays in Europe in 2012, there's no time to lose.


The skiing season begins in November and runs through to March. The most popular months are January and February when the European winter really takes hold. During these months the snow is at its best, but the crowds and the prices are at their highest.


Some of the best skiing holidays in Europe for 2012 can be found in Austria resorts like Soll and Lech and in the French mountains surrounding resorts like Chamonix and Les Arcs.


This is a well-established, year-round tourist spot that's situated in the valley under Mont Blanc. There are several major areas in the town for skiing. Each is within walking distance, so you could take the cable car to the Aiguille du Midi for the Vallée Blanche run, and then take a gondola to Le Brévent.

Les Arcs

This is another of France's well-established skiing resorts. Here, purpose built modern resorts welcome tourists all year round.


Soll is part of the SkiWelt area, which has 279kms of slopes. This is an ideal base as you can explore Kitzbühel, Fieberbrunn, Waidring and St Johann.


This old farming village can find itself cut off from the rest of Austria because of exceptional snowfall. Whilst that's not appealing to the villagers, it attracts tourists to the area who come for some of the country's most challenging pistes.

Final word

Other great resorts for the best skiing holidays in Europe in 2012 can be found in Italy in Cervinia and Courmayeur, and in Switzerland, where Verbier and Zermatt attract the majority of skiiers to the region. No matter where you ski this season, skiing is one of the best ways to take a break during the winter.

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