The best ski resorts in the Alps

Skiing is a fantastic way to spend time in the Great Outdoors. It's also great exercise and great fun at the same time. As more and more people embrace skiing, the number and variety of ski resorts are increasing. Here we look at some of the best ski resorts in the Northern Alps.

One of the best ski resorts in the Northern Alps is Alped Huez. It is located on the south face of Les Grandes Rousses. There are 250 Kilometres of slopes, it offers night time skiing and is home to La Sarenne, the longest slope in the world. It contains 42 green runs, 37 blue runs, 39 red runs and 17 black runs. There are an incredible 80 lifts going up to 3,330 metres. A day pass is around €43 and a 6 day pass is available for around €215.

Le Grand-Bornand is nestled in the Aravis Mountain range. It is a scenic spot with 90 kilometres of slopes. It has 29 lifts going up to 2,100 metres. It contains 10 green runs, 15 blue runs, 14 red runs and 3 black runs. A day pass is around €31 and a 6 day pass is around €155.

Villard de Lans has 125 kilometres of slope. It contains 9 green runs, 9 blue runs, 9 red runs and 8 black runs. It is also close to a leisure centre, which is handy if you want to relax or get away from the snow, and it's also nearby the biggest nature reserve in France, the Hauts Plateaux. A day pass costs around €31 and a 6 day pass costs around €157.

Because the region is famed for its pistes, there are dozens of options that could be considered among the best ski resorts in the Northern Alps. These three are a great starting point and should suit a variety of holidaymakers with different levels of experience. However a little research could present plenty of other great options too.

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